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our 30 Years

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As pioneers in the bridge-lending space, we work alongside our clients to provide loan solutions on a case-by-case basis in order to best meet the needs of any borrower. Our financing options are quick, smart, and custom tailored to each client individually. When you contact our team at First Financial Capital, you gain access to a fully capitalized, 100% portfolio lender with more than 30-years of industry experience. What separates us from our competitors, is that we are entirely privately capitalized, which eliminates the lengthy credit decision process, and allows for us to provide quick and reliable financing. Our team can navigate the complexities of transactions in areas traditional banks are unable to overcome.

Over $3 Billion Worth of Private  Loans

There are a variety of occasions when a private bridge loan is the best solution for a commercial real estate owner. A private bridge lender can provide tailored solutions with rapid execution that traditional banks cannot offer. Structured financing is advantageous in situations in which the collateral or sponsor doesn’t fit the traditional box of a conventional lender.


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Why first financial

Quick and Reliable Closing

First Financial closes deal quickly and reliably within 1-2 weeks, while banks and other traditional lenders average 90 days or longer to close a deal.

Simple Application Process

Each lending opportunity is evaluated according to certain proprietary lending criteria and standards that have been established by first financial. Our simple form document and the standard diligence we gather enables us to quickly determine if we will proceed and issue a Letter of Intent (LOI), which is typically issued within 24-48 hours of receiving a loan request.

Flexible Capital

First Financial works with business owners and real estate operators, who are under-served by traditional financial institutions, to provide unique private financing solutions tailored to individual borrower needs.

Funding Sources

First Financial capital manages an investment fund of our clients and investors. We are entirely privately capitalized which allows us to have a faster credit decision process that results in us being able to provide financing at faster speeds than others in the industry.

Lending Process


Schedule an in-person meeting or call with First Financial Capital so that we can learn about the opportunity in depth.

Letter of Intent

After discussion of the loan, we will send out an LOI with terms that we believe make the best sense for the borrower.


We will thoroughly analyze and research the property, including an on-site tour.


We provide a simple closing checklist with everything needed prior to closing.

Funded Loans

Funding in as few as 14 days

first financial closes deals quickly and reliably within 2-4 weeks.
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